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Rear-end collisions are the most common form of traffic accident.  Use the counting technique to ensure a safe following distance – 2 seconds in good conditions; 4 seconds in poor conditions (fog, rain or at dusk)

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About Osmose

From a storefront on East Huron Street in downtown Buffalo, New York with a single wood preservative patent , Osmose has emerged as a well-known and respected company; a leading service provider safeguarding North American utility infrastructure.

Since that humble beginning in 1934, Osmose has continued to meet evolving customer needs.  Today, Osmose Utilities Services, Inc - one of several Osmose companies - provides a wide variety of inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation services and products to electric and telecommunications utilities.  Osmose Utilities Services, Inc is now headquartered in  Tyrone, in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

America's utilities have learned that Osmose is one source with many solutions. Whether the need is pole inspectors to apply remedial treatment, crews to assist with post-storm recovery, or engineers to perform complex connectivity surveys and build accurate network models, Osmose can help. With 80 years of diverse experience and learning as a foundation, Osmose is proud to serve America's utilities as they manage aging infrastructure and design and build tomorrow's intelligent utility.

Osmose Core Values

The Osmose Core Values are a set of principles that guide our day to day actions and represent the Osmose culture.

Integrity  Conduct business with honesty and ethics to build trust and respect.  Do the right thing. 
Customer Focus    Constantly strive to increase the value of our products and services by listening to customers, finding creative solutions, and responding promptly. 
Safety  Work and drive safely.  Provide a safe work environment.  Continually take action to prevent injuries and accidents. 
Respect   Accept differences in co-workers and customers.  Work cooperatively, share knowledge, offer assistance, and say "thanks." 
Excellence  Deliver a superior level of quality in products and services.  Demonstrate a firm commitment to high standards. 
Flexibility  Anticipate, create, and embrace change.  Remain open-minded and receptive to new ideas. 
Efficiency  Work productively.  Eliminate bureaucratic and unnecessary procedures.  Take the initiative to find solutions; be proactive. 
Ownership   Act like owners.  Take responsibility for your words and your actions.  Enhance the Company's financial value and image. 




In 2009, Osmose Utilities Services acquired the Hawaii utility construction company, Ikaika, Inc (pronounced ē-ki-ka).  Ikaika's services include overhead and underground utility construction and repair services, civil site work, and general masonry.  Like Osmose, Ikaika has built a solid reputation with its customers for safety, quality, and dependability.  The combination of Ikaika's installation and construction services with Osmose's inspection and maintenance offerings improves the efficiency of service delivery to utilities throughout the islands. Click here to visit the Ikaika website.


Osmose Communications Services, LLC

As broadband infrastructure continues to emerge as the ideal solution for reliably transmitting the real-time data required to support smart grid projects, Osmose seeks to offer customers enhanced solutions related to fiber deployment.  In September of 2011, Osmose Utilities Services acquired two telecommunications engineering firms - BBCom, LLC and TelPlexus, LLC.  In January of 2013, these two firms were merged to create Osmose Communications Services.  Osmose Communications serves independent, cooperative, and investor-owned telecommunications companies and electric utilities, providing engineering services for OSP, ISP, data solutions, project management, construction management, staff augmentation, and turnkey solutions for engineering design, construction, and installation.