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What would it mean to you to be able to fund a meaningful portion of your annual wood pole inspection and treatment program cost with capital dollars? 

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Structural Analysis Software for Utility Poles

O-Calc® was first released for commercial application in 1999 responding to customer demand for a comprehensive pole loading analysis tool similar to what Osmose developed for in-house use.  A number of upgrades and enhancements have helped O-Calc become the industry-leading application for single pole analysis.  O-Calc software is used by companies across the United States for pole loading applications related to joint use, utility standards, pole replacements and system hardening.


O-Calc Pro includes cutting-edge features that simplify and automate the process of calculating structural loads on new and existing utility poles.



 O-Calc Pro Features: 

  • Powerful user interface including catalog-driven design, live interactive 3D model, and drag & drop functionality   
  • Dynamic wire tension loads
  • Complete tension and sag calculator
  • Strength reduction calculator
  • Automated clearance analysis
  • Customizable reporting
  • Customizable equipment catalog
  • Digital Measurement Technology


O-Calc Pro takes the guesswork out of load calculation for line design, pole replacement, and joint-use loading.

  • O-Calc Pro is pre-populated with values for common poles, conductors, crossarms, overhead equipment, guys, and anchors.
  • O-Calc Pro features sophisticated, customizable reporting and chart options, 2-D and 3-D viewing of pole configurations, and simple summaries of critical loading data.


 Above: With O-Calc Pro, you can generate customized reports and
 charts that present information in a format that suits your needs.
 Left: The master catalog is pre-populated with common poles,
 conductors, equipment, and more. Users can also create
 custom framing to match their standards libraries.

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